Have Party, Will Travel

Our tale begins in early autumn of the year 1380 DR, the Year of the Blazing Hand. Mount Hotenow has gone cold and Neverwinter River has iced over, plunging the City of Neverwinter into a deep freeze that belies the city’s name. Sharites and Red Wizards are unusually active, keeping the Harpers and Chosen too occupied to investigate anything else. A mysterious secret order has unearthed artifacts of ancient Netheril and is working towards aims nefarious and unknown, and there are hints that they are not the only nor the greatest threat the Realms will face. All that stands in the way of these sinister events are a handful of untested adventurers, allies of convenience who have been recruited by Those Who Harp to come together and stop the end of the world as they know it.

Will they succeed? Can they afford to fail?

…well, the Realms were due for another apocalypse anyway. Let’s just hope no one kills Mystra this time.

The Adventure Thus Far

Part 1
Chapter 1: The Winter Of Our Discontent
Chapter 2: Just Following Orders
Chapter 3: A Fire Upon The ’Deep
Part 2
Chapter 4: Site Seeing

Of Flame And Shadow