Everfull Stein

This heavy pewter vessel appears to a normal 26-ounce beer stein with dwarven runes ringing the base that spell out the dwarven equivalent of “Cheers!” or “Salud!” There is an additional rune on the bottom that indicates to which of the three varieties of everfull stein (lesser, greater, or standard) a given stein belongs.

The powers of the lesser everfull stein are quite basic: at will, when the command word is spoken (a bonus action), it fills itself up to the brim with the owner’s choice of fresh water, cheap ale, or watered-down wine.

Rarity: Common
Price: 85 gp

The standard everfull stein function as the lesser version, except that if the owner has proficiency with brewer’s supplies the stein can be commanded to fill itself with any mundane beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that the owner knows how to brew or prepare, such as zzar (Waterdhavian almond sherry) or amberfire (strong Gold Dwarf whiskey), and if the owner has the Dwarven Alchemy feat the stein can be commanded to fill itself with magical or alchemical beverages that the owner knows how to brew or prepare as well, such as jhuild (a Rashemen-brewed firewine that enhances the drinker’s strength) or alurlyath (an Undermountain-brewed wine that glows with silver and green light).

Rarity: Uncommon
Price: 425 gp

The greater everfull stein functions as the standard version, except that in addition to the command word that produces one stein-full of a given beverage at a time, it also has a command word that causes the stein to continue producing a specified beverage until the word is spoken again to stop the flow.

Rarity: Rare
Price: 2,125 gp

Everfull Stein

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