Ring of Mental Fortitude

The bumpy, ridged surface of this platinum ring is disturbingly reminiscent of a brain. Small flakes of gold are secreted in the the depths of the cracks, as if protecting the “brain” from intrusion. When it is placed on the wearer’s finger he feels a momentary absence of all thought and sensation, like falling unconscious for just a moment, as its protection extends over and through every nerve in his body.

The wearer of a ring of mental fortitude is immune to any and all effects that would affect his thoughts, emotions, will, or perceptions. This includes, but is not limited to, all Enchantment and Illusion magic, mind-affecting Divinations such as zone of truth or detect evil and good, telepathy, psychic damage, possession, memory manipulation, and increases or decreases to mental ability scores and any rolls based on them. Any such effects already affecting the wearer are suppressed as long as the ring is worn. This immunity cannot be lowered in any way to admit beneficial effects like voluntary telepathic contact or bonuses to Arcana checks, to protect against beneficial-seeming effects that hide dangerous side effects.

Most items containing power of this magnitude would require attunement to grant their full benefits, but the ring was specially designed by its original creator (the Netherese arcanist Kutson) to take effect immediately, so that it could be surreptitiously slipped on by an ambassador right before a meeting with potential enemies or forced onto the finger of a mind-controlled ally to free them. These rings are so coveted in the modern day that even the wealthiest noble families can rarely afford more than one of them.

Rarity: Legendary
Price: 110,000 gp

Ring of Mental Fortitude

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